Palermo and it's brides

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New York City and it's street life.


During my recent trip to Eastern Greenland we had the great chance to meet this young and healthy bear. He minded his own business, manly spent the day sleeping and stretching but was kind enough to show us some glimpses of his personality.

Polar bears can be hunted in Greenland, as they historically have always been by the local population. It's part of the local culture and used to be part of the cycle of life as well as a mean to...


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So, How was Burning Man? The eternal question about the event floats a lot around me after my return from the desert of Nevada.

There is a very famous video about this that:

"The Burn was everything I needed it to be, everything I wanted it to be, plus none of that! It was spiritual, it was physical, mental, it was everything, literally everything!"

I have no presumption describing what it was... I just tried to see it,...

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Honokaa is located on the Hamakua coast of the Island of Hawaii. Its name means “the sound of the stones rolling in the bay”. It developed between 1881 and 1904 as one of the plantations community and survived on the cane sugar business until 1994. It was one of the biggest Japanese communities of the Island.

As one walks into town the buildings all have a distinctive design. It was the one given by the Hawaii Sugar Planters Association...


I used to spend summers in Spain with my family. These are some of the rembrences I had when I was there last week.


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