All Things Left Behind

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Deception Island

All Things Left Behind is a series of pictures that I have started in Antarctica in 2016.

Upon my arrival at Deception Island I realized the many things that humans needed in the past and do not need anymore. These things we have left behind. Deception used to be a walking station until 1910. Then the electric light developed and the whaling industry was abandoned. But there on a small Island in front of the Antarctic peninsula tens of thousands of whales have been slaughtered. Thanks to technological advancement we are still able to see whales even if in small numbers, in some places around the world.

Another place. That I have encountered is Pyramiden a mining city in Svalbard. Active till 1992 it had been abandoned because of political and economical reasons. Today the buildings that hosted more than 1200 people’s lives are there abandoned and untouched.

Humans leave behind things, traces, and they live them behind because they progress. But also because they do not reuse or just partly recycle. We live in a society where to dispose of resources is still acceptable even if this will change very fast.

All the things we left behind is a project that wants to depict what progress has done for us but also place the concept of scarcity and what it mean to leave behind a trace of what we are.


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