ONE that belongs to us all

ONE that belongs to us all is a project about our collective memory of the second world war and how we perceive it. In a few years, most of the veterans of the war and the direct witness of its events will all have passed. Then, the only accounts that the future generations will have of those events will be indirect and not thru direct testimony. Memory will be mediated by a medium and the events related will probably feel less real, less dramatic and especially less relatable.

ONE explores some of the places where World War Two took place. The beaches of Normandy, where only the line of the horizon is shown, symbolizing where the Allies came from; the landscapes in Tuscany around the Gothic line, where more than 100 people were killed by the Nazi-Fascists; finally, the skies of the concentration camps in Germany and Poland, where the final solution took place.

These places full of history are photographed with a landscape camera and film, as simply beautiful landscapes, where the viewer loses oneself seeing grand nature, the high mountains and the colorful skies. By depicting the beauty of these lanscapes, the photographer wants to provoke admiration, and create a memory of a beautiful scene, which then will remain linked to the grievous stories that took place in those places.

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