Where Silence Sounds

Union Glacier

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Where Silence Sounds is a series of medium format film images started during 2016 during two trips in Antarctica. The first ones where taken on the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and the other in the inside of the continent at Union Glacier, 600 miles from the South pole.

Antarctica hosts many species of animals on its coast and contains the biggest reserve of pristine ice in the desert inside of it’s continent. The coast, where I started this project, is full of life and buzzing with animals. They do not know what we are and they do not fear is therefore they come close and often interact. Inside the vastness of this Silence only broken by the ice moving I found an idea of what Mother Nature could look like and where she could live.

The inside of the continent is made of complete emptiness and. There is not even a single animal. Union Glacier, is a runaway where a 1950’s plane only can land, and where the camp is formed by two main tents and a control center. Around emptiness and 600 miles to walk to the pole.

In both place the Silence has a sound which is non descriptible and which entered into my soul.

Silence is present even in the Arctic. The north is darker, deeper and the presence of nature is more violent. Animals fear man as they have been hunted there for thousands of years. The cold and the wind are blazing and the Silence is harder and more violent.

My goal is to depict the poles with images of what composes them and makes them unique as well as frightened by climate change. Ice.

Where Silence sounds is a collection of portraits of ice.

Lemaire Channel- Antarctic Peninsula

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