Carolina is creating a small collection of hand made artist books in edition of 5 copies. These objects collect small projects best expressed under the printed form of books. They are made upon request and are all unique.


"The Bride" is the first book of the collection. Carolina re-photograhed and re-interpreted a small wedding album she found while travelling in Portugal in 2022. Click on book store ti get it!

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Domus Aurea is an artist book collecting the project of the Author developed during her MFA at Hartford University.

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BUS BUS a is familiar way for the word kiss in certain Arabic speaking countries. When in 2021, due to the pandemic we were all wearing masks, Carolina decided to photograph as a performative act, the traces of her red lipstick left on paper.

The photographs are polaroid lifts made from original polaroid photos. The edition is of 10 photographs on A4 ( 8x10in) paper. Availeble on the shop.

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Cines De Cuba

Carolina's first book about the cinemas of Cuba. Text from Carlos Garaicoa, Grettel Jimenez- Singer and Carolina Sandretto. Published by Skira in October 2017. Availeble on


Cuba Vivir Con

Following Castro’s 1959 revolution, homes were distributed throughout Cuba. The resulting housing, called Solares, are the focus of Vivir Con. During more than a dozen trips to Cuba, working with a 1950’s camera, Carolina Sandretto visited the crumbling buildings that many Cubans divide and cohabitate, often with several generations and separate families in one dwelling.

Wrapped in faux leather and stamped in gold foil, the book was...


Internal Memories | External Memories

Internal Memories is a project about memory and heritage. External Memories is a project about the passing of time. Independetly published in 2020 this double book speaks about the lockdown and what lies inside of homes and all of us.