Internal Memories | External Memories

Artist Book

Internal Memories | External Memories is a book concieved during the 2020 lockdown.

Internal Memories is a project about memory and heritage. The objects that belonged to my grandmothers ended up in my summer house where I quarantined alone. I was surrounded by these arrays of objects and thru them all the women of my family where present. I started photographing them by color and by type as they represented my heritage and the benevolent ghosts of my family that made me feel less lonely in quarantine. I then photographed these spirits as myself. I’m the ghost of the beloved ones that where in the family before me keeping their memories and objects alive.

External Memories is a project about the passing of time. I photographed from the terrace of the house the view I saw, the dome of the church, the tower and the surrounding buildings. I decided to photograph the same view every day at sunset as a form of discipline, a way to make myself go outside and enjoy the space surrounding me. I started reflecting on the passing of time. Due to its stillness during the lockdown it became visible to me only thru the visits on the terrace, where the light changed thru the course of the months. To enlarge this passing of time I decided to expose multiple times the polaroid films to create more dense photographs. Instead of just the views I added layers of the things surrounding me in my isolation; the jasmine flowers, the walls and the roofs, and the oddly shaped spring clouds.

Photography as a medium inherently and technically gives us the capability to stop time. Thru the double exposures I created, I was trying to dispute this theory. Not only I could make time make time go faster when it wouldn’t in my reality, but I also could create the decisive moment thru more than one photograph by double exposing them. The different layers of the images altered the stillness implicit in all photograph, creating instead a movement in the images both visual and temporal.

This Artist book is published in 199 copies and distributed in several Bookshops:

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